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Dear Young Lady,

Starting a business online is not as hard as people think.

Most times , a lot of people make this mistake of waking up in the morning and deciding straight away that they want to go into a business without doing some research or planning and when things go wrong , they will start to blame the business in quote : ”this business is not for me .. i don tire abeg!”

Says who?

I have always believed that anything you put your mind to must work ..

Don’t make that excuse that business isn’t for you when you haven’t bent down to do the leg work .. literally lol

Most young women make this mistake of going into a business without doing proper planning and research and today , i am going to be telling you 5 things you should know before starting an online business.


1. Know and understand your ideal customers

Your ideal customers are people whose problem you are trying to solve with your products or services.

Take for instance you sell bag right? .. who are the people who will be interested in the kind of bags that you sell?

This data you have accumulated will help you know the kind of contents to post , your brand positioning , the kind of major decisions to take in your business etc

That’s the magic sauce right there! because once you are able to figure this out , everything becomes easy peasy.

2. Understand the platform you want to dominate.

After you have understood the people you want to serve , the next thing is understanding the platform you wish to dominate.

Now there’s a mistake people make and that is limiting themselves to Instagram alone.

Instagram is not the only place to sell online..

There’s Facebook , twitter , YouTube , LinkedIn.

I know people who are cashing out on all these platforms i mentioned above.


3. Have a realistic business plan

What is the structure of your business going to be like?

What niche are you going to carve out for yourself?

How do you intend to reach out to your potential customers?

How are you going to be different from the rest?

How are you going to make profit in your business?

How are you going to ensure that your business reaches a certain level in XYZ amount of time .. etc etc

Don’t just wake up one morning and start an online business..

Take your time ..

4. pick the right product to sell.

In other words , pick a winning product that people will rush

I call it  ”osha pra pra”

Understand what people like within your niche and what they are willing to pay for without long story.

Don’t dull o my sister!

Give the market what they want and not what they need..

Why do you think Pizza and sharwamma sell faster than vegetable salad?

Be wise.

5. Be in the faces of your potential customers

AKA Market like your life depends on it.

Repeat after me .. ”thou shall not depend on free traffic in 2020!”

Have you done that? .. ok good

My sister , if you really want to grow your online business , you have to pay for advertising.

Don’t be stingy and say ”ermm facebook or instagram will eat my money”

Do you know that with as little as 5,000 Naira in 1 week , you can reach thousands of people who can buy your products?

If you think paying for ads is a big deal .. then keep doing follow for follow or POD groups but let me warn you that you will grow long years infact donkey years before your online business can grow.

If you want to quickly scale and grow in this competitive online space where eveyrone is trying to fight fir the consumer’s wallet .. then pay for ads

Running ads is easy and not technical as people think.

In-fact i recommend THIS COURSE that will help you run a successful and high converting ads from start to finish.

My sister , Ads pass Ads ..

There are ADS  and there are ads

Which one do you prefer… ADS right?

When running ads , you should know your target audience , you should create killer content and amazing ads contents that will make people buy from you and no one else.

Your picture and videos has to be on point and you shouldn’t have any issue paying for your ads or running from A to Z  .. it’s a process and you can’t overlook any step mentioned above or else you will waste your time and money .. (imagine wasting all your efforts on Ads that won’t convert .. that’s frustrating and i wouldn’t want you to go through thst)

I recommend this course any day because it teaches you everything about Facebook and Instagram ads in  a simple and basic manner .. any time and it’s going for a whopping 95% off only for a limited period of time.

Imagine getting a 100k naira worth course for 5,000 Naira!

That’s a STEAL

Every online business and entrepreneurship is a combination of guts and glory. There are highs and there are lows as well. While hustling for the reward, you must always remember that all these lessons would add to your experience of starting a business on a bigger platform. These ideas will surely improve and enhance the chances of startup success.

Keep these things in mind, start with the best and prepare for the worst. Good luck and don’t forget to share this content and also leave a comment down below

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